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Food, Drink and Routines

In any early childhood setting there are always routines and rosters to be considered but here at Toddler’s Turf Infants and Toddlers Centre the teachers do their upmost to ensure that routines and rosters are flexible and unhurried.

Our care routines are dictated by your child’s needs, this is particularly important for your infant whose needs are changing on a day to day basis. We ensure that each child has nourishment in the way of freshly prepared meals, with vegetables often grown in our garden. There is always milk or water to keep your child hydrated. Morning tea commences at 9:30 am and is available for about thirty to forty minutes. We encourage the children to respond to their personal signals of being hungry and come to the table to eat.

Conversely we keep a close eye on all children to make sure they have eaten sufficient for their needs and have had plenty to drink.

Nappy changing and toileting happen as a regular routine and as and when needed. The teachers consider these times to be the perfect opportunity to spend individual, peaceful time with your child, by first inviting your child to have their nappy changed or to use the toilet and then engaging in the task itself. The teachers talk about what they are doing and why they are doing it. The tamariki become involved; finding it a perfect time to sing, chat and have the teacher all to themselves. Nappies are supplied by the centre so no cost is incurred.
Further opportunities for eating come at lunch time, when the children gather together with the teachers for kai. For your baby who is eating pureed food our cook prepares a range of delicious vegetables. Our teachers keep in close contact with you so that we can all work together to develop good eating habits that coincide with what you are doing at home. Kai continues with afternoon tea and a late snack if needed. Babies who are on formula are fed in accordance with your instructions. We require you to provide formula but all other food and drink is supplied by the centre. No further cost in incurred.
Your child’s day is complimented by sleep time, which for your toddler usually happens after lunch but can happen at any time as the need arises. All children have an individual bed and their own linen, which is laundered at least once a week. Sleep is a peaceful time with soft music, subdued lighting and plenty of back rubbing if needed. Your child can sleep for as long as s/he needs but most toddlers wake after about two hours. Your baby however, sleeps as often and as long as needed; it’s all about her/his routine, not ours.


Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we are seeking any sponsorship, donations or grants to assist with new equipment purchases. If you are interested in assisting, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Please contact us on 09 263 9680 or email our centre manager director@toddlersturf.co.nz



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