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Other Fees, Charges and WINZ

Other Fees/Charges

Late Collection Fee: We encourage parents to collect your child in accordance with the hours booked on your enrolment agreement. If however, you arrive after 5:30 pm a charge of $20 for each 15 minutes or part thereof will be levied. This charge is paid directly to the teachers who stayed after hours to care for your child.

Notice:Two weeks’ notice is required prior to withdrawal of my child from the centre or any other changes to your child’s enrollment.

Refunds: No refunds are made for public holidays, teacher only days or days absent due to illness. Fees are calculated upon enrollment not attendance. Public holidays and teachers only days are deducted from the overall figure and the fee is then averaged out across the year. This means that you do not have to alter your payment if and when these occasions crop up.  There are no refunds or discounted fees if your child is on any kind of restricted food or drink diet.

In advance: All fees must be paid in advance and kept up to date at all times. Failure to do so may result in your child’s enrollment being terminated.

Bad Debts: All bad debts are referred to an agency to be recovered at the expense of the parents.

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)

We are approved to administer WINZ childcare subsidies.


Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we are seeking any sponsorship, donations or grants to assist with new equipment purchases. If you are interested in assisting, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Please contact us on 09 263 9680 or email our centre manager director@toddlersturf.co.nz



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