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Parent Feedback

High praise indeed from Lucas' mum about Toddlers Turf. "Throughout the 4 years my boys have been with Toddlers Turf the communication has been great. There has always been lots of ways to receive the information such as white board notices, emails and printed letters. Lucas knows how to spell and write his name, which is a good start for school. The food was always delicious and well prepared. The teachers helped me when it came to toilet training time. Thank you to all the teachers past and present for everything you have taught my boys. We will miss Toddlers Turf and will always recommend you to other parents. It's been an amazing journey".  

Our standard of communication is at a very high level...right up to Patrick's last day. Our office administrator got a special mention from Patrick's mum Linda.  Nikkita is on her A game all the time! Whoop Whoop Nikkita high praise indeed. Our Cook Michelle also received thanks and praise for encouraging Patrick to eat fruit and vegetables, which he never does at home. Linda also said "I would highly recommend Toddlers Turf to all the people I know!! I like the approach the Turf has towards caring for and looking after children. Right from the Infant's and Toddlers room until their very last day. You guys are awesome!! I will be bringing baby number two in 2020. Thank you so much Linda we are delighted and proud to receive such positive feedback and yes there sure will be a place for your baby daughter!! 

We "never missed a beat" that's how well we communicate with our parents, and we are very informative.Thank you Reiner. The balance between structured time such as mat time and free play was spot on! When Zion started at school he fitted in super easy he knew how to get his school bag sorted out water bottle, hat everything ready to go. He is interested in reading and writing. I loved having him at SUPER FERNS it was a great experience to prepare Zion for school. The food is delicious, scrumptious. I have nothing but complements from Zion about what he had for lunch. He even ate his vegetables telling me they were "YUMMY". There is not a single thing I would change about Toddlers Turf. We love the staff, the organisation, the atmosphere and the children. I have nothing at all to complain about. I appreciate and adore all that Toddlers Turf has done for me and my whanau, we love you to the moon and beyond.  

Teachers communicate really well they are available and approachable. The teachers are generous with their time and show aroha towards the children. The children have freedom to get into whatever interest them at the time.  The Super Ferns 'getting ready for school' group was enjoyed by all my children. The food is healthy and hearty, nutritional, and high quality. Toddlers Turf is a great centre. I recommend to one and all. 
High praise indeed from Jasmine Richardson whose youngest of her three children has just left us to go to school. We will miss the Richardson Family such a lot. Love from our whanau to your whanau. 

According to the parents of Lamona who has recently gone to school the communication at Toddlers Turf is excellent. "Toddlers Turf offers a wide range of play opportunities. No matter what time we arrive, early or late the children are engaged in mat time, singing and dancing or getting paint on the clothes at the art table!" Whoops sorry about that Sepa. "Lamona has grown in confidence and tells me she is ready for big school. Ka pai Toddlers Turf! " "I would ask my girls what they had for lunch, which was way better that what I had". But what Sepa liked best about Toddlers Turf was the friendly teachers. 
"Thank you for everything Jill and the teaching team. I know Lamona has created a lot of memories of her friends and teachers XO"  

This feedback is from Donna whose son Eli left for school in January. "From my first visit I always had plenty of relevant information. Eli loves Toddlers Turf, which says it all! We were pleased that the teachers helped with his speech and language development . All of our whanua have noticed the improvement. The meals are healthy and nutritious and the atmosphere is so welcoming. Thank you for everything you invested into my daughter Summer and my son Eli. We will miss seeing your faces". We will miss you too but wish you all the very best with your future.     

7 August 2017
There is so much opportunity to have conversations with the teachers. They gave me so much information about Zena. There was time to play and learn, learn and play. Zena loved making her own lunch on lunch box day. This activity made us pretty happy. The food  is good quality and the teachers were safety conscience and caring.
Jasmine gave us some good ideas about what we could do to make the last day at Toddlers Turf even more special. We will be talking about your ideas at our next staff meeting. Thank you Jasmine and Mike. 

19 January 2017
Leonidas is off to school. "Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards Leonidas's time at Toddlers Turf, especially the challenging times. I am very happy to see how he has improved and how much he has learned. I highly recommend Toddlers Turf to all my family and friends. Leonidas we look forward to hearing about how you are settling in at school. We are lucky to have Lucas with us for a few more years. We know that you will make lots of new friends and thoroughly enjoy being at big school.

19 January 2017
Briseis has moved to a centre closer to Mum's work but she had lots of positive feedback We exceeded her expectations in many areas of education and care and praised the teachers in the Infants and Toddlers room as wonderful.  We wish you well at your new centre and hope that Briseis settles in well. You are always welcome back at any time. 

19 January 2017

On a scale of 1 being poor and 5 being great, Zara's parents Sandy and Andrew scored us a resounding 5 in all categories.  
"Being part of the Super Ferns, (our getting extra ready for school group), made her feel really special". This is what Sandy wrote.
"I would like to thank all of the staff for the wonderful care they have taken of Zara over the last four years. Toddlers Turf is like an extension of our family. Zara has loved coming to 'school' everyday. It has been an awesome journey for Zara.  We will cherish the Memory Book and the friends that she has made. The support, encouragement and love Zara has received from the staff at Toddlers Turf has helped make her the great little kid she is becoming. I'm sure that the great menu provided has helped her become a great little eater as well. We wish the centre all the best for the future. We will miss everyone. Take care and thank you". Phew praise indeed. Zara a whole new adventure is waiting for you and we all agree its going to be wonderful. We will miss you big time! 

28 September 2016
We miss our helpful Summer-Jay who has recently turned 5 and gone to school. Her mum Donna completed our exit questionnaire and highlighting communication as one of our strong points. "Summer-Jay was supported to explore her own interests as well as being in an environment which helped her to be part of a large group, like primary school. She's was part of the 'Super Ferns' (getting ready for school programme  and had a head start with the extra skills she needed for primary school. Summer-Jay enjoyed nutritional meals which encouraged her to try different food and flavours. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you have taken Summer-Jay on. It has been a choice journey. All the stories she has spoken about and the things she has learnt has helped mould her into the smart, bubbly and independent character that she is".      

3 June  2016
Millie has gone to school. Her mummy Jyoti could not have been more full-some in her  praise for everything we have done for Millie. She loved the open door policy and the conversations she had with teachers. She always felt fully informed about everything that was happening at the centre. "Millie learnt so much at Toddlers Turf, what we taught her at home was extended on at the centre and vise verse". "All the teachers and all the staff are nice and friendly and the atmosphere is lovely. If I had to do it all over again we would choose Toddlers Turf. It has been a big part of Millie's life. She has blossomed and grown at Toddlers Turf and everyone has been like a second family to her and to us".
Jyoti, Hamish and Millie we will miss you all very much. Don't forget to pop in to see us.  

18 May 2016
After many years attending our Infants and Toddlers room and our pre-school room Kagen has gone to school. His mum Kesa writes "Just as Kagen is going to miss Toddlers Turf  so will I. I will definitely recommend TT to anyone looking for a childcare centre. The atmosphere is so friendly. Kagen was so settled there".We wish you all the best at school Kagen. Your friends miss you already and keep asking when will you be back.

3 March 2016
After 13 years and five children the Tuiafitu family have left the building. Sheryl and Lis have sent all five of their children to Toddlers Turf.  They are part of our whanauu and we are so sad to say goodbye, the place really won't be the same without them.
Q: What did you like best about Toddlers Turf? Sheryl wrote EVERYTHING. THIS CENTRE HAS BEEN WELL LOVED BY MY FAMILY FOR 13 YEARS. Need we say more.

March 2016
A family who recently left the centre when their child started primary school and who wished to remain anonymous gave us 5/5 definitely. 1/1 exceeded 3/3 excellent and said our teachers were warm and approachable.  

17 February 2016
Laurence has transitioned from our Infants and Toddlers room to our pre-school room. This is what his Mum had to say. We exceeded her expectations in the quality of food we served, the balance of care and education.
The preparation that Laurence received prior to and during his transition to the pre-school room ensured he felt comfortable and happy in his new environment. Routines and rituals, processes and procedures were explained very well and our communication was excellent. What a fabulous testimonial from Chante. We will continue to keep up the excellent work in the pre-school.    

Seleni has turned five and has gone to school. His Mum wanted us to know that our teachers are "very friendly and very helpful. Thank you for taking care of my son'. It has been a pleasure Mai, we will miss our buddy Seleni.

"For over 3 years Riyaz has been part of Toddlers Turf. He learnt to speak English here, he made some good friends and he has enjoyed being part of this school and I am sure he will miss each one of you. Thank to the management and teachers. Thank you for accommodating our religious food values and supplying Halal meat for him.  The teachers have been fantastic,the chats with parents, the family days and performances the children have put on to celebrate special days, the drama, the activities and the e- mails have all added to what we like best about Toddlers Turf". It sounds like we did a good job for Riyaz. Enjoy school, go well, Kia Kaha!!   

Kiara's Mum and Dad were delighted that the food we serve encouraged Kiara to try new food groups and become more willing to eat different food at home. "We appreciate how friendly and accommodating the staff and teachers are at Toddlers Turf. It makes leaving our 'baby' there easy on us and on her. We will truly miss being part of the  Toddlers Turf family and would have gladly stayed if we weren't moving so far away. We will always recommend your services". Thank you so much and good luck with your new life and all that it holds for you. 

Jiselle is the forth daughter of the family to attend Toddlers Turf and her younger brother is also with us. Five siblings all happily having fun at the centre. We can't think of a better recommendation than that. Mum says that Jiselle was definitely prepared for school by attending our transition to school group. Good luck at school Jiselle. We will still you everyday when you bring your little brother to Toddlers Turf. 

Manaia has gone to school but another baby is on the way...mum says "we would like to register our new born when s/he arrives".
Congratulations Latoya, we will be ready and waiting. Latoya also loved the "quality food" we serve and the "friendly staff". In fact she "loves everything about Toddlers Turf". They care a lot about the kids. I am fussy but had older child attend 5 years ago prior and would highly recommend the centre to others. 

This is what Ruby's mum wrote about Toddlers Turf. "Extremely good value for money. Excellent staff I would recommend Toddlers Turf. The teachers have all been lovely. I knew that Ruby was in good hands. Thank you so much for looking after Ruby so well, she is my most cherished treasure". 
Thank you for those kind words Andrea we will miss you and Ruby very much.

On Eleazar's last day her Mum and dad sent us this email.
Ray and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for all you have done for both our girls Eleazar and Zaria. Thank you fro caring for them, for the skills you have instilled in them, not only to prepare them for school but to positively shape their minds as they move into life. Eleazar has been at Toddlers Turf from 4 months old, and we have seen her grow into a bright eyed, intuitive, outspoken sociable, confident, inquisitive and often very vocal (loud ha) little girl. Your contributions are evident. She is looking forward to starting BIG school but is sure to miss her teachers and friends made at Toddlers Turf. So on behalf of Eleazar and with great appreciation we say thank you and continue your great work! I can't think of anything to add, other than we will miss you all very much.
Thank you for this wonderful endorsement. 

This is what Garnett's Mum had to say about Toddlers Turf. "Its an amazing school. Garnett has thoroughly enjoyed his time and we have been blessed to have such a nurturing, excellently qualified, exceptional teachers and staff."
Wow high praise indeed, thank you so much.Garnett is off to school now, we wish him well. His brother is still with us so the family tie has not yet been cut.

Boramey and her family are moving out of the area but Dad had this to say about Toddlers Turf. "The best thing about the centre are the friendly teachers". Dad also said that the food we serve at the centre was good and that our communication with parents was also good. 
We hope you settle well into your new early childhood centre Boramay. We send our best wishes to you all. Good luck with your move.

Our gorgeous Agnes is off to school. On her leaving form her Mummy wrote about what she liked best about Toddlers Turf. 'Professional staff, positive vibe and pretty much our second home". What did she like least "the car park". Yes it does get a little crazy out there. "Thank you for a great 7 years".
Thank you Lauina for all the help, enthusiasm and support you have given to Toddlers Turf. You will be missed very much. Good luck at school Aggie you are going to have a blast! Don't forget to stop by when you have time.

Q Do you consider the daily programme offered a good balance of structured time and free tee play opportunities?
Helene responded on her daughter's leaving form.
"Definitely she has learnt so much, mentally and socially". Furthermore she commented ''The staff are always friendly and great people".
While we are 'blowing our trumpet' she gave special credit to Maia our wonderful office administrator. Thank you for your kind words Helene. We wish you and Yasmin the very best of luck with the next adventure, primary school. Pop in and see us anytime.

Q What did you like best about Toddlers Turf?
"Staff make the children and families feel at home. "It feels like being part of a huge family", says Manette de Beer.
It has been a pleasure having the de Beer family as part of our 'huge family'. Cameron is off to school, we will miss you and your Mum and Dad enormously.
Cameron was part of our transition to school group. Her Mum Manette, definitely believes that
 "Cameron is well prepared for the challenges which school will provide and would thoroughly recommend Toddlers Turf to other parents". 
Good bye and good luck, our best wishes go with you.

Q What did you like best about Toddlers Turf?
“How friendly the staff were and all the activities that children we able to be involved in”.
“I am sad to see her leave such a family orientated childcare centre”. Mum - Nicole Stevens-Barret.
Thanks Nicole we are sad to see you go but send you our best wishes and best of luck with your new home and early childhood centre.
Bill and Hannah Millen sent their two older children and their youngest daughter to Toddlers Turf Infants and Toddlers Centre and told us… ‘We would definitely send any new additions to our family to Toddlers Turf Childcare Centre but we are moving overseas”.
Good luck with your new life and thanks for your positive contribution to the centre.
Rhys has gone off to school. Mum and Dad wanted us to know that we were “ Rhys’ second family for the past three and a half years and have nurtured their son from a toddler into a boy ready for school”. “Being part of Toddlers Turf has been a privilege”.
Thank you for those kind words Steve and Reneta we will miss you all very much.


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